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Serving Clients Since 2012

We proudly serve the Islamic finance industry since 2012. Our Islamic finance team first started a financial consultancy in UAE and then added Islamic financial services and the Sukuk capital market practice in 2015. We started Shariah advisory in 2016 and opened office in Kabul in 2017. We are unique in being led by qualified and dedicated senior bankers, researchers, economists and Shariah experts who in the past have worked for leading regional and global financial institutions. Our experts are based in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, UK, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and USA. Please see our team page to know more about our experts. Some are with over 35 years of practical of Islamic finance, Sukuk, and Takaful exposure.

Our Recent Projects

Takaful Regulatory Framework for Afghanistan

Country: Afghanistan

Client: General Directorate of Takaful and Insurance (GDTI)

Year: 2019

This advisory covered:

  • Drafting Takaful Law
  • Drafting Takaful Regulation
  • Preparing Guidelines and Rulebook
  • Support to the Ministry of Justice to finalize the Takaful law.
  • Training GDTI and insurance companies on Takaful, Takaful Law, and Takaful Regulation

Sukuk Program for FRF90.com Online Sale Services

marketing, market, business

Country: Turkey

Client: FRF90.COM

Year: 2020

FRF90.com is a leading online retailer in Turkey. We provided the holding company with advice and Islamic structuring to raise seed capital for its online platform through Sukuk. We set up its Sukuk policies, guidelines, and issuance program for multiple issuances.

FRF90 is fast growing online retailer in Turkey.

Sukuk Advisory to Sahara Wireless

aerial, communication, connection

Country: USA

Client: Sahara Wireless

Year: 2017

We advised Sahara Wireless, a USA and China based telecom company, on raising 30 million USD via private Sukuk placement to build a factory in Guangzhou, China. We also structured the Sukuk and supported them with Sukuk documentation.

An end-to-end Sukuk mechanism was set up for the company and training was provided to its corporate finance department on Sukuk issuance.

Sukuk Advisory to NAPCO

industrial, refinery, tower

Country: UAE

Client: NAPCO

Year: 2018

We advised NAPCO Group on Sukuk fund raising, structuring, and the Sukuk documentation for expansion in South Sudan to build an oil refinery.

Islamic Finance Training to Sidra Capital

Country: KSA

Client: Sidra Capital

Year: 2018

We delivered a comprehensive training to all staff at Sidra Capital, an investment bank based in Jeddah on:

  • Islamic finance
  • Syndicated financing
  • Projects finance
  • Fintech

Islamic Finance Report of Afghanistan

business, business man, newspaper

Country: Afghanistan

Client: Industry

Year: 2017-2021

The report is a regular issue of Tayyib covering Islamic finance industry development and challenges. Tayyib publishes its recommendations in this report for overcoming the challenges. The first report issued in 2017, was adopted in the medium-term strategy of the Da Afghanistan Bank for developing the Islamic finance industry.